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Blinkswag Features

One Integrated Platform to Create, Store & Ship branded Swag

Blinkswag is your all in one go platform to manage your swag with intuitive dashboard. Send swag anytime anywhere with click of the button.

How it works

The Blinkswag Process!

Select Swag

Choose from thousands of swag items by simply visiting our Product page, add items you would like to order and submit your order.

Swag Mockups

Our team will create custom designs within 24 hours and you'll be notified by email to view and approve your designs.

Place Order

Once you confirm your order our team will be notified and your items will be sent to production.

Store in warehouse or Ship instantly

You’ll always have an option to store your swag with us and request shipment on need basis or have it shipped instantly to your office or warehouse.

Swag Fulfilled

You'll be notified on each step when your order moves through our production and shipment process.

Swag Fulfillment

We can easily send any quantity of your swag to one address or to multiple addresses at any given time.

We provide up to date tracking too! From fulfillment center to door step, you can be sure of a stress-free experience for you and your customers
BlinkSwag Brand Portal

Brand Portals

We’re here to help you create a long-term, committed relationship with your past, current, and potential new customers.


One of the ways we offer this service is by building and branding an online storefront made just for you! Our custom online platform will help you create, automate and distribute swag.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Store all of your products at our warehouse, and we’ll fulfill your orders for you!

With Warehousing & Fulfillment, you can store your swag at our warehouse, and we’ll fulfill your orders by shipping the products directly to your customers & employees under your own brand. Amazing, right?

Effortlessly Give Swag to Anyone

Use a branded redemption page to let your recipients fill out their info.There are so So many reasons to give away swag
  • Want to reward your customers?
  • Incentivize qualified leads?
  • Send gifts to remote employees?
  • Say thanks to a follower?
Do it easily with BlinkSwag Giveaways. The best part? You can measure and track it all.


Connect. Automate. Orchestrate.

Connect your apps to ensure an uninterrupted flow of information between them. Get emails, reports, records, and more to move across your apps automatically.

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We’re extremely passionate about swell swag + helping your brand stand out in the crowd. We’re resourceful, creative, clever, and fun! We work smart to craft fresh ideas and opportunities for you.


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We make ordering, storage, management and distribution of swag easy.

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