Streamline Rewards & Gifting Strategy

Streamline Your Swag Distribution.

Are you tired of managing your company's swag storage, packaging, and shipping? Let BlinkSwag take care of it for you!​

Say Goodbye to Swag Headaches

Free up your time and resources. Ensure a professional brand experience.

Convenient Warehousing Solutions

Free up office space and reduce overhead with our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities.

Seamless Global Distribution

Expand your brand’s reach. Ship your swag worldwide with our reliable, efficient fulfillment network.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Stay updated with our intuitive online system, which prevents stockouts and effortlessly manages reorders.

Simplify Swag Logistics

Packing and shipping individual swag orders can be time-consuming and tedious. With BlinkSwag, you can simply place an order and let their team handle the rest.

Control Your Brand Image

Items are packaged and shipped according to your guidelines, so you can be confident that your brand image is always presented professionally.

Global Shipping

Keep geography within your swag distribution. No matter where your audience is, we can get your swag into their hands.

Expert Handling and Packaging

Our expert team ensures that each item is securely packaged, maintaining the highest quality standards.

Secure Warehousing

Free up valuable space in your office or warehouse by letting BlinkSwag store your swag inventory in their secure, climate-controlled facilities.

Why Choose BlinkSwag?

Streamlined fulfillment, exceptional service, and powerful features.

Secure Warehousing

Climate-controlled facilities keep your swag safe.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Monitor stock levels and avoid stockouts.

Easy Order Management

Order swag with a few clicks through our online platform.

Global Shipping Capabilities

Reach customers worldwide seamlessly.

Professional Packing and Presentation

Maintain consistent brand identity with every shipment.

Scalable Solutions

We adapt to your growing swag needs.

Dedicated Account Management

Get personalized support from our fulfillment experts.

Integration with Marketing Tools

Streamline swag distribution with existing platforms.

Competitive Pricing

Get high-quality service at an affordable price.

How BlinkSwag Makes Swag Distribution Easy?

Here's how it works in just four steps:

Step 01

Store your swag with us

Simply send your swag to BlinkSwag's secure and climate-controlled warehouses. We'll keep your products safe and ready to be shipped.

Step 02

Manage inventory online

Track your inventory levels in real-time. See exactly how much swag you have, and avoid stockouts or overordering.

Step 03

Place orders & BlinkSwag handles fulfillment

a simple online system allows you to place orders quickly and efficiently. Select the swag items you need, specify the recipients, and we'll handle the rest.

Step 04

Get Real-time shipment notifications

We'll take care of the packing and shipping and ensure your swag arrives on time, every time. Plus, you'll receive real-time notifications about your shipments.


Have question?

Find the answer here and get to know more about BlinkSwag’s offering.

Merchandise fulfillment services and swag fulfillment involve outsourcing the production, storage, and shipping of promotional items and merchandise to a third-party company. This allows businesses to focus on other operations while leaving the logistics of fulfilling merchandise orders to experts.

Fulfillment partners should have expertise in graphic design, onsite t-shirt production, promotional printing, and a consultative approach. They should be able to handle all aspects of fulfillment, including printing, mailing, and customer service.

We can handle various swag items, including t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, tech accessories, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions about whether a specific item is compatible with our services.

We’ll work with you to coordinate the secure transfer of your swag inventory to our facilities. You can provide a detailed list of your items and quantities; we’ll handle the rest.

Yes! BlinkSwag’s central dashboard provides a real-time overview of your entire inventory. You can quickly see how much of each swag item you have in stock, identify low-stock items, and ensure you have enough swag for your needs. Our system can be set to notify you when stock levels for an item fall below a certain threshold. This allows you to reorder swag items before you run out.

See the BlinkSwag's platform in action

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