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Effortlessly distribute rewards, manage budgets, and personalize your approach to audience engagement.

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Exclusive Features

We’ve engineered features designed to empower your campaigns and engage your audience more personally and effectively.

Reward Links

Create personalized reward links that cater to your audience's individual preferences, fostering a sense of exclusivity and value.

Budget Control

Manage your reward budgets precisely across multiple campaigns, ensuring financial efficiency and measurable return on investment.

Product Suite

Our comprehensive product management tools allow you to align your reward offerings with audience interests and market trends.

How does it work?

Rewarding has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to create and launch your personalized reward campaign.

Step 01

Design Your Redemption Page

Customize the look and feel of your redemption page to match your brand. Upload your logo, adjust colors, and craft messaging that resonates with your audience.

Step 02

Curate Your Reward Selection

You can choose from a wide range of reward options, including gift cards, company inventory items, and physical gifts or baskets.

Step 03

Generate & Send Rewards

Create single or bulk reward links, personalize them with recipient emails, and set budget limits. Send the links via email to kick off your rewarding campaign.

Offer Diverse Reward Options

Offer a variety of rewards to cater to diverse preferences. Choose from gift cards, company inventory items, or physical gifts and baskets.

Design a Winning Campaign

Craft the perfect reward experience with our user-friendly interface. Customize your redemption page, select from various reward options, and set spending limits for complete control.

Personalized Rewards, Every Time

Generate unique reward links for each recipient. Ensure they receive gifts tailored to their preferences while staying within your budget.

Save Time with Bulk Reward Links

Generate multiple reward links at once to save time and resources. Simply specify recipient emails and the budget for each link.

Built-in features to empower you

Experience a suite of features designed to streamline your rewards programs and elevate the recipient experience.

Personalized Reward Links

Generate unique links for each recipient, ensuring security and control over the reward budget.

Branded Redemption Page

Design a custom redemption page that reflects your brand and messaging for a cohesive experience.

Curated Reward Selection

Offer a variety of reward options, including gift cards, company inventory items, and physical gifts or baskets.

Budget Control

Set spending limits for each reward link, ensuring you stay within your budget parameters.

Bulk Link Generation

Simplify large-scale campaigns by generating multiple reward links with ease.

Easy Campaign Management

Our user-friendly interface guides you through the campaign creation process, making it effortless.


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You can offer a variety of rewards through BlinkSwag Campaigns, including gift cards from popular retailers, company merchandise, and physical gifts or gift baskets curated by you.

No, there is no limit to the number of reward links you can create. BlinkSwag empowers you to manage large-scale campaigns with ease.

Absolutely! BlinkSwag provides detailed tracking data so you can see how recipients interact with your campaigns and gain valuable insights into their preferences.

Yes! BlinkSwag offers a free trial so you can experience the power of our Campaign feature firsthand. Sign up today to get started!

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