Employee Recognition with Rewards Points

Keep your team engaged and motivated with a customizable rewards program that fosters a positive work environment and empowers employees.

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Innovative Features

Dive into a suite of intuitive tools designed to elevate your employee recognition program to new heights.

Point System

Employees earn points for milestones and performance, redeemable for exclusive gifts and experiences.

Instant Awards

Reward achievements on the spot with points delivered immediately to your team's inbox.

Employee Management

BlinkSwag offers a centralized platform for adding and managing all your employees in groups.

Personalized Rewards & Recognition.

Generic rewards are a thing of the past. BlinkSwag helps you personalize your recognition programs by uncovering employee preferences. Show your appreciation in a meaningful way.

Rewarding Experience for Everyone.

a diverse selection of merchandise and gift cards, ensuring employees find rewards that align with their personal interests. This choice empowers them and fosters a sense of value within the company.

Customize your Reward Store.

Personalize your online store with your company logo, colors, and unique URL. This creates a cohesive brand experience for employees and reinforces the company's identity.

Effortless Reward Redemption.

Employees can easily access the company's branded reward store through a unique URL. They can browse merchandise and gift cards and seamlessly redeem points for their desired rewards.

Give employees the freedom to choose.

Motivate your team with a wide variety of rewards across various categories, including Apparel, Electronics, Gift Cards, and more!

Built-in features to empower you

a user-friendly platform that streamlines every aspect of your rewards program.

Reward Management

BlinkSwag Rewards provides a user-friendly platform for easy program configuration and ongoing management.

Admin Configuration

Customize the reward store and manage employee points in one place.

Automated Point Distribution

Award points are automatically based on pre-defined activities or manually recognized individual achievements.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into program performance and employee engagement through comprehensive reports.

Scalable for Businesses

Our platform adapts to your needs, accommodating businesses of all sizes.

Integrate with Existing HRIS

Streamline program administration by integrating BlinkSwag Rewards with your existing HR tools.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a successful program launch and ongoing support.

Global Recognition

BlinkSwag offers local options to easily reward a geographically dispersed workforce and keep everyone feeling valued.

Gamified Engagement

Motivate employees with a points-based system and spark friendly competition to achieve goals.

How does the point system work?

BlinkSwag Rewards is easy to implement and use for both administrators and employees.

Step 01

Set up your reward store.

Define your company's unique URL, upload your logo, and select your brand colors to create a seamless brand experience.

Step 02

Send Employees Points

Through the BlinkSwag platform, employees earn points for designated activities and achievements.

Step 03

Employees Redeem Points

Employees can visit your company's branded reward store and browse a wide selection of merchandise and gift cards to redeem their points.


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Employees earn points for achievements, which they can redeem in our Reward Store for handpicked merchandise or gift cards.

Points are awarded based on performance, achievements, and peer recognition. Your line manager or company will assign you points, and you can redeem them on the Reward Store.

Our dashboard provides real-time insights into each employee’s point balance and redemption activity.

A curated selection of popular merchandise and various gift cards from leading retailers and brands.

Sign up, configure your rewards system with our help, and start instantly recognizing and motivating your employees.

Absolutely not! The sky is the limit. Keep excelling, and keep earning as many points as you can!

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