Simplifying Engagement

Simplifying the way Brands engage.

and more in a single, intuitive platform that's 100% free to use.

Trusted by brands globally​

Make better decisions with Insights​

Access data-driven insights with intuitive dashboard to enhance your strategy

Use Cases

There is something for Everyone

With rewards management, engagement campaigns, collaborative platform, and real-time analytics.

Marketing Teams

Use the campaign to collect attendee information, and we'll ship swag directly to their doorstep.​​

People Ops​​

From onboarding to every milestone after—use our 40+ HRIS integrations to automate employee rewards. ​​

Event Organizers​​

Create memorable event experiences with unique swag that leaves a lasting impression.​


Ship swag bundles to all of your donors at once. You can also create a Swag store and use swag to raise money.​

Campus Stores​​

Students, faculty, and alumni can place orders, and we'll ship them out for you with the option to profit share.​

Outreach and Partnerships

Juggling manual outreach? BlinkSwag streamlines workflows and empowers successful collaborations.​

Solutions for every business need and goal​

Engage employees, prospects, and customers with BlinkSwag​

Create your e-commerce Store​

with the elements of e-commerce, inventory management, and marketing automation.​

Appreciate people with Rewards

Rewards automation with the largest global rewards marketplace.

Send Personalized
Gifts to Anyone.​

Encourage leads, show appreciation, and track your progress easily with Giveaways. The best part? You can measure and track it all.​

Our Services​

Change the way you swag​

From on-demand swag to custom digital stores, we're here to help bring your brand to life

We’ll do Design​

Choose the white-label products you want, and our designers will create mockups that align with your brand identity.​

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Global Fulfillment​

Our global fulfillment network enables us to deliver your orders to anyone, anywhere in the world.​

Warehousing & Inventory Management​

Our platform allows you to create and manage your inventory easily.​


A Simple, Secure, and Affordable Solution

A new era of collaborative Engagement.​

Network of facilities across the world​

Integrate with the platforms
you use — 200+ apps

Create Automation 🚀​

Improved Analytics 📊


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BlinkSwag is a platform that simplifies how brands engage with their audience through swag, rewards, and personalized gifting. It offers tools for managing rewards, creating engagement campaigns, and analyzing data, all in one intuitive platform.

BlinkSwag can benefit your business by streamlining your engagement strategy, offering global fulfillment, and providing insights through analytics. It helps you create personalized experiences for your audience and integrates with the platforms you already use.

BlinkSwag is designed to benefit a wide range of industries, including but not limited to marketing, human resources, event management, e-commerce, and non-profit organizations. Any business looking to enhance its engagement strategy can benefit from BlinkSwag.

BlinkSwag offers global fulfillment services, ensuring that your orders can be delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world. The platform also provides warehousing and inventory management solutions to help you manage your inventory efficiently.

Yes, BlinkSwag seamlessly integrates with over 200 apps, allowing you to engage with employees, prospects, and customers through the platforms you already use. This integration helps streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.

BlinkSwag offers comprehensive customer support to help you make the most of the platform. Whether you have questions about using a feature or need assistance with an issue, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Yes, BlinkSwag is 100% free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges, allowing you to access all the features and benefits of the platform without any cost.

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