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A Platform to Create, Store and Ship branded swag anywhere!

Order and manage all swag in one spot.

We ship it all around the world for you with a variety of shipping options.

Make printing high-quality swag and merchandise fulfillment a logistical breeze.

Blink stores all your swag in our, warehousing facility.

Get access to reporting on swag spend which items are more requested, when to re-order etc.

Our Features

Swag Fulfillment

Swag fulfillment & printing made easy.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Store all of your swag at our warehouse and we'll fulfill all of your orders

Brands Portals

Setup customizable web stores where users can request & send swag

Drop Shipping

Send your swag anywhere in the world with a few clicks

COOP Management

Managing credit allocations, approval processes & swag spends.


Your t-shirts,posters,mugs,canvas and other print products can automatically be fulfilled by connecting to our API.

Streamlined Production & Fulfillment Services

Store all of your products at our warehouse, and we'll fulfill your orders for you!

You order, We Fulfill

We'll produce and ship your swag to one of our state of the art fulfillment centers.

Manage your inventory

We'll hold your swag and give you complete oversight to easily manage your inventory.

Distribute Whenever

Easily send to one address or send swag to multiple addresses

Ready to get started?

We make ordering, storage, management and distribution of swag easy.

Powerful Backend

Manage your Swag with Swag Dashboard

An insightful dedicated dashboard to order, send and manage your swag.  

Inventory Updates

A complete insightful and real time view of your inventory

Order Tracking

Easily track all of your orders and shipments in one place

Easy Reorders

Easily reorder your favorite swag or schedule an order for a specific date

Employee Onboarding

Send agent kits to newly appointed team members with the click of a button

The Blinkswag Process!

Select Swag

Choose from thousands of swag items by simply visiting our Product page, add items you would like to order and submit your order.

Swag Mockups

Our team will create custom designs within 24 hours and you'll be notified by email to view and approve your designs.

Place Order

Once you confirm your order our team will be notified and your items will be sent to production.

Store in warehouse or Ship instantly

You'll always an option to store your swag with us and request shipment on need basis or have it shipped instantly to your office or warehouse.

Swag Fulfilled

You'll be notified on each step when your order moves through our production and shipment process.

Let’s Get Started

We’ve put together a collection of swag box ideas you can use to blow away your new employees, favorite clients, WFH teams and more!

Swag Case Studies

This is how BLINKSWAG helps International Brands.  

How Does Blinkswag Help RE/MAX?

BlinkSwag is an official approved  supplier to

RE/MAX promotional products.

Motto Mortgage - Mortgage Brokerage-In-A-Box

Motto mortgage partners with BlinkSwag 

to help grow brand awareness.

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