Swag Kits

Onboard New Hires with Welcome Kits

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually distributing new-hire swag. Welcome new employees with kits they'll love every time.

Solve Your Onboarding Challenges

Automate swag distribution, delight employees worldwide, and save time and money.

Personal Touch

Create welcoming kits tailored to your company’s style.

Quality Swag

Handpicked, premium items that project quality and thoughtfulness.

Unbox Joy

Unboxing experiences that excite and engage new team members.

First Day Matters

Set the stage for success with customized onboarding kits that express your company’s culture and values from day one.

Automated New Hire Swag Distribution

Forget about collecting sizes, addresses, and shipping swag yourself. Our platform empowers employees to enter information, ensuring accurate deliveries and a hassle-free experience.

Expanding your team internationally?

No problem. We handle shipping and warehousing for new hire swag kits to over 130 countries, making it easy to welcome employees worldwide.

Premium Swag, On-Demand

Say goodbye to bulk orders and unused swag. With our platform, you can order high-quality swag with 1-unit minimums, ensuring you only get what you need when needed.

Swag Employees Will Want

Offer a wide selection of premium swag from top brands, allowing employees to choose the items they want and will use.

Boost Employee Engagement

A thoughtful welcome kit shows new hires they are valued, contributing to a positive onboarding experience and increased retention.

Global Shipping and Warehousing

Our global shipping and warehousing services cover over 130 countries, providing comprehensive logistics solutions so that you can welcome new team members worldwide.


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Pricing depends on your specific needs and the volume of swag you order. Contact us for a custom quote.

Absolutely! You can create unique welcome kits tailored to your company culture and brand.

Our dedicated customer support team is here to guide you through every step of the process.

Shipping times vary depending on the destination. We offer expedited shipping options for urgent needs.

We offer easy returns and exchanges to ensure employee satisfaction.

Yes, we offer integrations with many popular HR platforms to streamline your workflow.

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