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a comprehensive suite of employee rewards and recognition solutions designed to motivate, celebrate, and empower your workforce.

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Why BlinkSwag is essential for HR Leaders.

Platform as a solution that simplifies the recognition process for HR teams, allowing them to focus on their people.

Boost Morale​

Increase employee happiness and engagement.

Reduce Turnover

Retain top talent with personalized recognition.

Drive Innovation

Empower a culture of creativity and productivity.

Automated Rewards & Recognition

Eliminate the time-consuming task of manual recognition with BlinkSwag's automated features. Schedule birthday, anniversary, and milestone rewards in advance, and ensure everyone feels valued.

Personalized Rewards & Recognition

Generic rewards are a thing of the past. BlinkSwag helps you personalize your recognition programs by uncovering employee preferences. Show your appreciation in a meaningful way.

Diverse Reward Options

Motivate your workforce with a variety of choices. From gift cards and company swag to custom awards and global options, you can create a reward program that excites everyone.

Seamless Integrations & Data-Driven Insights

BlinkSwag integrates effortlessly with your existing HR and communication platforms, streamlining your workflow.

Customizable Swag & Onboarding Kits

Design unique welcome packages to create a sense of belonging for new hires. Our seamless swag stores empower employees to choose and order their desired swag, eliminating fulfillment headaches.

Global Recognition Made Easy

Recognize and reward a geographically dispersed workforce with ease. Ensuring your employees around the world feel valued and appreciated, regardless of location.

The All-in-One HR Tech Platform You Need

features designed to streamline HR tasks, boost employee engagement, and empower your team.

Effortless Automation

Schedule rewards, automate recognition programs, and free up your valuable time.

Personalized Touch

Uncover employee preferences and deliver meaningful rewards that resonate with each team member.

Diverse Motivators

Offer a variety of physical & digital rewards, including gift cards, custom swag, and performance bonuses.

Global Recognition

Reward a geographically dispersed workforce with ease. BlinkSwag offers local options to keep everyone feeling valued.

Gamified Engagement

Motivate employees with a points-based system and spark friendly competition to achieve goals.

Branded Swag & Onboarding

Build team spirit and create a sense of belonging with custom swag and welcome packages.

Streamlined Swag Management

Empower employees to choose their desired swag with hassle-free fulfillment through our online store.

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reports and analytics. Track program effectiveness and measure employee sentiment.

Seamless Integrations

Connect BlinkSwag with your existing HR and communication platforms for a unified workflow.


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Absolutely! BlinkSwag integrates seamlessly with many popular HR and communication platforms. This eliminates the need for complex data migration and ensures a smooth workflow within your existing ecosystem.

Yes. BlinkSwag provides real-time analytics that includes data on program participation, reward redemption rates, and employee sentiment. This data allows you to calculate your rewards programs’ return on investment (ROI).

BlinkSwag offers a wide variety of reward options to cater to diverse preferences.  You can choose from:

  • Digital Rewards: Popular gift cards from various brands for instant gratification.
  • Physical Rewards: Company swag, custom awards, and other tangible tokens of appreciation.
  • Experiences: Curated experiences for employees to choose from, creating lasting memories.

Yes. BlinkSwag offers comprehensive training resources, including video tutorials, user guides, and live webinars, to help your HR team learn to use the platform effectively.

BlinkSwag is designed to comply with various regional regulations.  Our team stays up-to-date on relevant regulations and can help you ensure your rewards programs are compliant.

Our global rewards marketplace offers various options, including digital gift cards, physical gifts, experiences, and custom company swag. Employees can choose rewards that best suit their preferences, ensuring a personalized and meaningful experience.

Our point-based reward system allows companies to assign points to different achievements or milestones. These points can then be redeemed for rewards from the marketplace. The highly customizable system allows companies to tailor rewards to specific roles, achievements, or objectives.

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