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It’s not too late to jump on the corporate swag bandwagon! Company swag are branded items to gift employees or clients, which in turn, promote the organization. Typical examples include apparel, office supplies, drinkware and decor. Branded swag can induce company pride with your team and clients alike, engage and retain employees, and support your company’s sales and marketing initiatives.

So, whether you’ve already started the process of gifting employees or clients, or you’re ready to invest in branded swag, this article aims to show you some popular swag ideas to check out in 2022. Let’s get started!

Why should you invest in company swag?

Corporate swag is more than just adding your logo and giving a gift. Investing in corporate swag is a great way to spoil your employees. It allows you to give existing or potential clients a gift so good they don’t hide it in their desk drawer – and it just so happens to have your brand on it. We’ll fill you in a little more on why corporate swag is a smart investment.

Employee Appreciation

The culture of work appreciation is a highly underrated concept. Whether your employees or consultants work in the office each day together, or remotely, being shown appreciation with a gift every once in a while goes a long way to increase morale. Gifting employees with corporate swag, gives them that little bit extra special, and also encourages them that they are a part of a team, which is super important. Having a good relationship with your employees and having a strong team morale carries across the same energy to the public about your business.

Customer or Client Gifts

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to ensure your clients or customers feel acknowledged and appreciated. Every business has competitors, and your promotional swag can help you stand out from the crowd. Corporate gifting goes a long way to show customers how much you value the fact that they have chosen your company.
Depending on the type of swag you’re giving out, there’s a chance they’ll even use it outside of the office. Think of the places people will be using your corporate swag, including wireless headphones at the park, an insulated water bottle at the gym or even a branded paddle board at the beach!

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is all about brand awareness. Think of it this way: when you give someone a brochure, the likelihood of it being tossed ASAP is pretty high. But, when you offer something useful – people tend to use it and are exposed to your company branding daily.

Trends in Employee Swag

Businesses are using employee swag as a way to build company connections for teams who were forced to work apart.

That being said, employee swag is far more than the occasional branded pen and notebook it once was. Corporate swag has evolved to include items that are eco-friendly and sustainable. With more employees working remotely than ever, gifts for remote employees are a way to make them feel like they’re a part of a team. 

Swag boxes, which are creatively packaged gift boxes with a variety of gifts and accessories, are now more than ever being used to welcome new employees or thank clients for their continued support.

 X Popular Corporate Swag Ideas for 2022

So, you’re wondering what kind of swag your company should invest in?? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Swag Boxes

Whether it’s to welcome an employee, woo a potential customer or thank an existing one, custom swag boxes are fun and tasty gifts for all! BlinkSwag has a wide array of gift box options to choose from, too.

Work-from-Anywhere Office Products

Most people appreciate the classics – a handy pen, notebooks, and journals. These are classic office gifts that almost anyone will find useful. But did you know with a wide range of office products available, BlinkSwag takes it up a notch by also offering luxe swag office items such as tumblers and cold brew coffee kits!

Eco-Friendly / Sustainable Products

Brands that use eco-friendly swag products immediately raise the bar on their reputation as a company that cares. More and more, employees are looking to work for employers with values that align with theirs, including an awareness of their impact on the world around us. Examples include eco-friendly stationery or branded, sustainable tote bags.

Travel Swag

Now that travel restrictions have eased, people are eager to get out and about – this is a great opportunity to invest in items such as water bottles or backpacks.

Tech Swag

Let’s face it – most employees love when their company gives out tech swag. Who doesn’t want a brand new pair of Bluetooth headphones or a pair of bluetooth speakers to use at their desks?

Wearable Swag

And of course, the swag we’re most familiar with: apparel. From caps to t-shirts, jackets and more, BlinkSwag has you covered with all the custom clothing apparel you could ever want.


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