Top 7 Real Estate Promotional Products

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The real estate business is tough, period. Real estate companies have to stay on top of their game by using aggressive marketing techniques while also staying in the limits of their budget. Whether it’s the residential, commercial or industrial sector, real estate companies are one of the biggest consumers of promotional products and here’s why:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Engages customers
  3. Increases brand retention
  4. Offers great ROI

Let’s walk you through these 7 real estate promotional products that can do wonders for your real estate business:


Apparel is a surefire way to ensure consistent brand visibility to your customers.  By donning on your printed t-shirt, your customers will become a walking advertisement for your business.


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For a new homeowner, getting the keys to their house is an exhilarating moment. Here’s where you can take advantage of the branding opportunity with a house-shaped keychain that sports your logo in a prime spot.


This is a handy tool for new apartment residents, homeowners, or condo owners. It’s a multifunctional promo product. The tape measure along with a notepad, pen and belt clips will make home repairs and decorating a small hitch for your clients. Also, because of the usefulness of this swag item, you can rest assured that this product will stick around for years.


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Why not hand out something to the new residents that they can celebrate with? Nothing will be better than a little celebratory wine and some piping hot pizza. Stemless wine glasses make a great addition to your client’s bar carts while showing off your logo throughout the year.


Add a little color to your real estate marketing with these cute little things. These can coolies are easy to fit in any new homeowners’ or residents’ welcome kit. Be sure that this drinkware accessory will find its way in backyard barbeques, get-togethers, parties and much more. What will your real estate company get out of it? A lot more impressions!


The very first thing anyone looks for is a place to plug in their smartphones. This ever-connected world demands something smart, and this smart plug makes remotely controlling a device quite easy. The smart plug is Wi-Fi enabled; it monitors and turns the plugged-in devices on or off.


real estate promotional products by blinkswag

Tumblers are a great promotional product for people who love sipping on coffee or other beverages. As these are used daily, they ensure greater visibility of your real estate logo and company’s brand message. Keep them funky and stylish so your clients can keep them on their table proudly.

When you start talking about promotional products, the list can go on and on. These real estate promotional products are more than likely to leave a memorable impression on your target consumers. Because of their longevity, your real estate logo will get the attention it needs and help you build your brand identity. Get in touch with Blink Swag to find out what products will fit your brand’s personality and target audience the best.


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