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Simplify Swag Management with BlinkSwag

BlinkSwag offers a powerful and user-friendly platform to manage your company’s swag. Our Redeem page feature makes it easier than ever to distribute swag to your employees. Whether you have products in your inventory or prefer to order on-demand products from our offerings, our Redeem page allows you to create a customized redemption page that aligns with your brand.
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Design Your Redemption Page:

Customize the redemption page to match your brand with our easy-to-use design tools.
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Choose Your Products:

Pick from your inventory or select from our on-demand products to create a comprehensive product list.

Send the Link:

Share the link with your employees along with their individual budgets.
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Employees receive an email with the link to the redemption page, where they can select items within their budget.


Employees enter their shipping address and checkout, with orders being fulfilled by BlinkSwag.

Benefits of Using BlinkSwag's Redeem Page

  • Customizable redemption pages that align with your brand
  • Comprehensive product management with options from your inventory or on-demand products from BlinkSwag
  • Control over expenses with individual budgets for each recipient
  • Seamless shopping experience for employees
  • Automated fulfillment process handled by BlinkSwag
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Streamline Swag Distribution with BlinkSwag's Redeem Page

BlinkSwag’s Redeem page is the ultimate solution for your company’s swag management needs. With its user-friendly design, customizable redemption pages, and comprehensive product management, it makes distributing swag to your employees a breeze. Give your employees a fantastic shopping experience and simplify swag management with BlinkSwag’s Redeem page.

Here are some common use cases for BlinkSwag's Redeem page:

Employee Onboarding

Provide new hires with a convenient way to select and receive their company swag.

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Offer employees a way to select and receive rewards for their achievements and contributions.

Trade Show and Event Swag

Provide attendees with a convenient way to select and receive swag from your company at trade shows and events.

Employee Gift Programs

Offer employees a selection of gifts to choose from during special occasions such as holidays or milestones.

Internal Storefront

Create an internal storefront for your employees to shop for company swag.

Remote Workforce

Make it easy for remote employees to receive company swag, even if they are located far from your headquarters.

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