Promo Products That Are Bright, Light, and Ready to Excite

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At the end of the day, promo products are all about letting brands raise awareness and eventually, boost sales! Investing in the right promo product is all about your strategy.

If you’re looking for something that will get your competition out of the way, some new and exciting promo products can do the trick. Since getting your swag hit the spot in the first go is difficult, we’ve compiled a list of promotional items that you can use to promote your brand.

Let’s dig in…

Fidget Cube

For those really jittery people, fidget cubes are a haven. But it’s not just the fidgeters who love such things, even non-fidgeter likes playing around with these. From rubbing, spinning, and clicking to flicking and rolling, a fidget cube has it all to become a favorite, especially in a work environment. Pick these up and use them to spread pleasure among your customers and employees.

Colorful Fidget Spinner

For the last few years, fidget spinners have taken over by storm. Spinning these around is both calming and entertaining. Maybe the pleasure of using fidget spinners comes from our desire to keep our hands busy. Place your brand on one of these and get some serious face-time with your customers. Every time a person spins it, they’ll flashback to their experience with your brand.

LED Party Glasses

But these days, LED glasses in rainbow colors have gained popularity. People who love to party prefer these LED party glasses. It’s a definite big hit with the teens. They love going out with these glasses to their all-nighter parties. They also make a great giveaway to people who attend your business events or brand promotion events.

LED Magnetic Bracelets

Bracelets are something which can always be associated with memory. Either funky, beaded or handmade they are the form which never goes out of trend. If it is combined with a magnetic strip, you would definitely have fun with it. It’s a combination of remembrance with total awesomeness. You can use these as a cool promotional item for your clients. They can use it at their late night parties, at clubs, and so much more. This will definitely leave a mark on your client for a long period of time.

Spinning Top

Nothing can beat the elegance of something classic, even if it’s something fun. Spinning tops are pleasing to look at especially the self-balanced plaything while it is spinning. Use these spinning tops as a promotional gift to keep your customers thinking of your brand whenever they’re playing with them. It’ll make a great addition to their desk at work or home.

So, are you looking for more goods that are “bright, light, and ready to excite?” We’ve got lots of ideas. Get in touch with Blink Swag and discuss your exciting ideas you can do with promotional products.


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