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The Importance of Business Cards and How to make them Effective

Whether you start a new restaurant or a new corporate office, getting business cards for you and your employees is the first print marketing investment you are going to make. While some may argue that in today’s world where a lot of business is carried online, do we really need to invest in business cards? Well, this may surprise you but researches indicate that business cards remain vital as ever. One study reveals that as many 10 Billion business cards get printed in the United States every year. That’s roughly 27 million cards per day.

So why do we need business cards even in today’s world where everyone carries a smartphone all the time and has access to the internet? Here are a few reasons

  • A business card is your tool to make a powerful first impression, connect with new prospects break the ice, and have prospective customers know about your brand and services.

  • Business cards enhance credibility, help you remain in the memory of the receiver well after your initial meeting as well as create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy 

  • Business cards remain a powerful networking tool. They are a tangible tool to pass your contact information and increases the chance of staying in touch with its receiver. 

  • Business cards are not dependent on technology and are accessible from anywhere. If you happen to be at an event where the internet is down, you can still pass important information using your card.

  • Business cards get passed between colleagues, friends, contacts, and colleagues. Printed business cards are a great tool to get referrals and make meaningful connections. 

  • Business cards offer a great return and are a very cheap marketing tool in terms of cost per impression. They can boost sales as studies reveal for every 2000 cards that get passed out, you can expect a 2.5% increase in sales.

Fun fact: In Japan, exchanging business cards is an important part of the business culture. So much so that a business relationship may not begin if the parties have not exchanged business cards. 

How do you design an effective business card?

While a well-designed business card can be a catalyst that leads to future clients, a poorly designed business card can reflect badly on your business.

Here are some important factors to consider when designing a business card

  • Choose the right typeface. Prioritize readability and make sure that the font you use represents your brand. To ensure optimum readability we recommend you to use 12pts or higher for the company’s name and use any font sizes smaller than 8pt.

  • Carefully pick the size and shape. Rectangular-shaped business cards are mostly used by companies and is a safe bet. However, you can go creative and pick a different shape for your card.

  • Makes sure that the information follows a clear pattern. Each piece of info must be clearly distinguishable and easy to process.

  • Mind the negative space. Negative spaces, commonly referred to as white spaces, allow a design to breathe and also helps in drawing greater attention to those elements included on the page

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