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Make a Great First Impression with a New Employee Swag Box

Why are welcome gifts important?

Employers should use the onboarding phase to get to know their new staff. Making a good first impression is very important for keeping employees today. On their first day, a new worker will decide if the company is a good fit for them. Also, since millennials make up most of the workforce and have a reputation for "job hopping," your first impression will be even more important. Keeping employees is also good for your budget because hiring and training them can be expensive. A good onboarding program should make a new employee feel comfortable, welcome, and important. A welcome gift is a great way to do this and keep the talent around in the long run. In addition to the benefits of onboarding, welcome packages can also be used as good marketing tools. For example, if your employees wear branded clothing, your logo will be seen more often, which will help people remember your brand. If your branded items are appealing enough, your new employees may share them on social media, which will increase the number of people who know about your brand.

Include a welcome letter:

A welcome letter is a great way to make your new employee feel appreciated from the moment they open their swag box. Be sure to thank them for joining the team and express how excited you are to have them on board. Include some fun facts about the company or team that they can share with their new colleagues.

Include company branding:

Your new employee swag box should be filled with company-branded items like t-shirts, pens, notepads, and water bottles. This will help them feel like a part of the team from day one and get them started on representing the company in a positive light. With our swag fulfillment solution, you always control your brand. Choose from thousands of carefully curated products- all available online now.

Include some fun items:

It's always nice to include some fun items in a new employee swag box. This shows that you are thinking about them and want to make their first days on the job enjoyable. Consider adding in some snacks, a gift card to a local coffee shop, or a fun desk toy. At Blinkswag, we’ve curated a range of new hire kits which make creating an employee swag box easy as pie!

Make it Personalized

Personalized items are always a hit. Include items with the new employee's name or initials. You can also include items that represent their hobbies or interests. This shows that you took the time to get to know them and want to make them feel welcome. Ready to ramp up your onboarding process? Make sure to see how we can amplify your new hires and employee swag box initiative today.

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