Closing Gifts to consider for New Homeowners

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New homeowners usually renovate or move at the start of a new season. This means business for real estate agents. Interacting with clients for business and welcoming them require different actions. Real estate agents are often at a crossroads for finding the perfect housewarming gift for their clients. To get their creative juices flowing,  we’re sharing 10 of our favorite real estate closing gifts that are perfect for every season.

Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a classic gift for every homeowner. Consider gifting this to your new clients to make them feel at home in their new place. Choose a simple welcome mat or a door-board, either one will give a warm and welcoming first impression into the neighborhood.

Zip Code Pillow

Pillows are a traditional gift for every occasion. Give your clients who are moving into their new homes a cool zip code pillow as a creative twist of welcoming them to the area.

Personalized Mailbox

Want to give the homeowners something cute yet useful? How about a personalized mailbox?  Besides being a fancy fixture, it will save them the trouble of getting a new one while the mail piles up.


New homeowners or not, coasters are always welcome. You can choose letter-pressed custom coasters or marble coasters. The best part of choosing coasters as gifts is that you can buy them in bulk. You won’t have to worry about your next gift item. You can also add a personal touch to your coasters:

Roasted coffee packets with letter-pressed coasters

Wine bottle with marble coasters

It’s the thought that counts, and this will definitely get your brokerage appreciated.

Coffee Table Book

Since we’re already talking about coasters and coffee, the next item on our list is a coffee table book. Which would look charming if it’s a seasonal interior decor book. New homeowners can go through the numerous designs for inspiration, or have it displayed as their coffee table book. All-in-all, it will serve as a useful addition to their coffee table.

New Homeowners’ Tool Set

Setting up a new place is challenging. It might require fixing and installing a few items. So consider gifting your clients a handy toolset.

Stress Reliever Toys

With all the moving, one eventually falls under a pile of unwanted stress. Gift your new homeowners stress balls. A stress ball works against unwanted stress. When used, the body unconsciously releases some of the stress. The benefit of squeezing the ball is that it releases all the pent up energy and induces you to relax.

Smart Home Assistant

Help the new homeowners set up a smart home. Smart homes are no longer just a luxury, they are extremely helpful. You can get your clients a smart home assistant as a move-in gift to ease them into comfort from day one.

Tile Tracker

Tiles are tiny Bluetooth trackers that are attached to your keys, wallet, phone or anything that could get lost while moving. Plus, they come in handy and work as a long-term technology for daily use, making things easier to find.

Picnic Basket

Last but not least, gift your new homeowners a picnic basket. Top this gift by adding:

Gift cards

Subscription letters

Brochures about the town

Or just anything that is interesting about the new place. This way, they’ll have less to worry about while settling in at their new home.

Moving houses is stressful, but with a thoughtful gift to welcome new homeowners as they settle in, you can help them easily settle down. This is a great way to build better relationships with them.


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