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Print on demand Labels & Roll Stickers

Roll stickers are a smart way to get your stickers printed in one of several die-cut shapes without paying a premium. With quantities as high as 50,000, our roll stickers are great for business marketing and event promotions as well as shipping and mailing labels, return address labels, product labels, package and envelope sealers, and more.

Use Cases

Great for package and product labels, shipping labels and more

Paper type

Gloss Sticker Paper

Paper Finish

Shipped spooled on a standard 3" core

25,000+ Unlimited Templates Ideas

Sample our professional templates below – get inspired and start creating your own!

Start Designing please use large screen (Desktop/laptop/ipad) to access this page!

25,000+ Unlimited Templates Ideas

Sample our professional templates below – get inspired and start creating your own!

All the features you need

BlinkSwag’s free drag-and-drop design tools make it easy to create any design, fast!

Endless Creative Ideas

Browse templates to find a design that looks best with your content and customize it in minutes.

Design of Any Size

BlinkSwag generator will help you convert any design into the size (under 3,000 by 3,000 pixels) you need with a single click!

Say It Like It Is

Use BlinkSwag font collection or upload own font to add the right flair to your digital design.

Use Own Content

Add photos and fonts to redesigned templates in BlinkSwag and create visuals best suited for your event or occasion!

Add or Remove Objects

Use shapes, lines, icons, stickers, illustrations, and more graphic items.

Photo Library

Large library of free and premium images to customize your simple design, even when you don’t have your own visual content handy.

How to design and print your Labels

  1. Select a Labels template from thousands of options or start with a blank slate.
  2. Make it your own with images, text, icons, and graphics.
  3. Click the "Print Labels" button and select your Labels options.
  4. Approve that final design, or send it off for a second look.
  5. Get your order delivered to your door and start pasting Label everywhere!

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

A label can be any material affixed on a product or package that provides information on it, like a piece of paper, sticker, plastic film, or even cloth.

You can use labels for a variety of purposes: For branding or promotions, for providing important information such as shelf-life and nutritional values for food items, or the proper use and disposal of products. Labels are also useful in the classroom. Teachers can use them as classroom name tags and on name labels for trolleys, tote trays, lunch boxes and other items in the classroom.

It depends on what you intend to use the label on. In general, a good label should have:

1. The type of item you’re labeling

2. The name of the item in a font that matches your branding

3. The name or logo of your brand

4. A color palette that matches your brand

For a product label to stand out, it must incorporate the brand identity of your product: your logo, color palette, and typography. It should also be easy to read and instantly recognizable even from afar.

It’s easy. Just open the “Uploads” tab on our editing dashboard and drag your image from your desktop. And then drag and drop it to your label design!

The simplest way is to soak it in soapy hot water to soften the sticker glue before removing the label. If there is still some residue, you can rub a mixture of cooking oil and baking soda on it. You can also use a combination of white vinegar and citrus peel.

The One Print, One Tree campaign is one of our initiatives in our quest to come up with sustainable printing solutions. We want to be carbon positive by 2023, and one of the ways we can achieve that is by planting trees. So, how does it work? Simple: for every print order you make with Canva, we will plant one tree.

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