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RE/MAX Trusts BlinkSwag To Provide Thousands Of Their Agents With Promotional Marketing Solutions

125 Franchisees . Franchises in over 30 States . 1 Integrated Platform

RE/MAX Trusts BlinkSwag To Provide Thousands Of Their Agents With Promotional Marketing Solutions.

RE/MAX LLC, or Real Estate Maximums is an American real estate company that operates internationally through a franchise system. RE/MAX has more than 125,000 agents in over 6,800 offices in 110 countries and territories. RE/MAX has around 4,500 agents registered in the USA and with the changing economic climate, the team at RE/MAX wanted to go an extra mile for their agents by helping them promote themselves. While RE/MAX does a lot for the agents all year round, they needed us to take on the challenge of promotional marketing that could provide their agents with the necessary marketing tools to promote their services. In 2018, RE/MAX and BlinkSwag joined hands to address the needs of the agents.

One integrated Platform for All Promotional Marketing Solutions

The beneficial collaboration between RE/MAX and BlinkSwag pushes technology and e-commerce boundaries while aligning with the needs of RE/MAX agents. We are a large contributor to RE/MAX’s corporate events such as the R4 Event and the Broker Owner Conference (BOC), where thousands of attendees attend from around the globe. Not only does BlinkSwag provide promotional items and promotional marketing solutions to the attendees, but BlinkSwag also provides products for giveaways and other items to RE/MAX for such events.

How Does BlinkSwag Help RE/MAX?

BlinkSwag is an officially approved supplier of RE/MAX promotional products. They wanted to provide the best possible experience to their agents because RE/MAX is more than just a corporation, it is one giant family! BlinkSwag differentiates itself from other vendors by taking care of ALL the aspects of promotional marketing. We provide an online portal where agents can scroll through hundreds of products like RE/MAX Apparel, Yard Signs, Brand Collateral, Office Items, and even COVID-19 safety products for safer house viewings, and other safety items such as RE/MAX branded face masks. Our portal provides a completely customizable experience where agents can customize their desirable product however they like and even add their office’s logo on items from our portal. We are currently catering to over 4,500 agents of RE/MAX. What differentiates us from others is that we provide all the solutions within one platform that other vendors provide individually. BlinkSwag’s portal guarantees satisfaction, on-time deliveries, and no minimum order requirements. Now that’s a catch!

BlinkSwag and The Safety of RE/MAX Agents During COVID-19

Being a part of the RE/MAX family, we worried about the safety of their agents during these testing times. Most of the agents are the sole breadwinners of their family and have no other source of income, which meant that they had to continue working through the pandemic. BlinkSwag put together a catalog of safety products to ensure the safety of these agents. We supplied essentials like PPE Kits, Safe House Viewing Kits, Face Masks, Sanitizers, and multiple other products to make sure that we do not let any of these agents down.

What Does The Future Look Like For RE/MAX and BlinkSwag?

A year and a half down the line, RE/MAX and BlinkSwag both enjoy this truly valuable partnership. At BlinkSwag, we add multiple new products to our portal every month, based on the needs and feedback of RE/MAX agents. We appreciate the relationship that we have with RE/MAX and their agents and we are dedicated to providing the best promotional marketing services in the industry.

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