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MOTTO-MORTGAGE Trusts BlinkSwag To Provide Thousands Of Their Agents With Promotional Marketing Solutions

125 Franchisees . Franchises in over 30 States . 1 Integrated Platform

Motto Mortgage - Mortgage Brokerage-In-A-Box.

The Motto Mortgage network gives the power of choice back to the consumers with more transparency and even more options to choose from as they shop for the right home loan. With over 125 offices in more than 30 states and more than two hundred and thirty-eight loan originators in its network of offices, Motto Franchising, LLC's unique and national franchised mortgage brokerage model is the first of its kind in the United States.

Motto Mortgage’s network is designed to connect loan originators and real estate agents to provide a seamless and personalized experience to consumers. Motto Mortgage is the second member of the RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. family of brands. This substantial feat is very significant considering that Motto Mortgage is the first national mortgage brokerage franchise in the United States and it is only three-years-old.

One integrated Platform for All Promotional Marketing Solutions

The collaboration between Motto Mortgage and BlinkSwag is a combination of technology and e-commerce that serves the needs of Motto Mortgage Franchisees. BlinkSwag is a large contributor to Motto Mortgage’s corporate events such as MILE and EDGE, where hundreds of attendees join from 30 states. Not only does BlinkSwag provide giveaways, promotional items, and new office opening kits to Motto Mortgage, but BlinkSwag also offers promotional items and promotional marketing solutions to the franchisees as well.

Motto Mortgage Chooses BlinkSwag for Market Development Funds (MDF)

Since each office in the Motto Mortgage network is independently owned, operated, and licensed - Motto Mortgage goes above and beyond to take care of their agents. Motto Mortgage finances NOOK (New Office Opening Kits) as MDF for their new franchisees at BlinkSwag. Through our portal, a new franchisee can redeem their new office opening kit just with a single sign-on. BlinkSwag’s portal empowers Motto Mortgage franchisees with brand-compliant marketing tools with just a click. With BlinkSwag’s portal, franchisees can utilize MDF and redeem a variety of marketing products,according to the rules set by Motto Mortgage. BlinkSwag maintains high standards of branding guidelines.Each franchisee gets their own portal where they can redeem their funds. BlinkSwag receives secure and automated data for a new franchisee as soon as they come on board and our system automatically generates an account for the new franchisee. We send out an email every 15 days to the franchisee to remind them about the activity of their funds. A franchisee can order their redeemable products within 180 days of allocation, after that the funds expire. Motto Mortgage’s ERP system makes it easier for the franchisee to log into BlinkSwag’s portal with a single sign-on. BlinkSwag’s integrated marketing ecosystem generates automated monthly reports about the activity and the status of each franchisees’ MDFs. BlinkSwag’s portal also features:

BlinkSwag Provides Motto Mortgage Franchisees a Wide Range of Promotional Products

Since 2019, BlinkSwag has been the provider for all of the promotional marketing products to Motto Mortgage Franchisees. BlinkSwag’s online portal enables franchisees to scroll through hundreds of products like Motto Mortgage Apparel, Tech Accessories, Brand Collateral, Office Items, and even COVID-19 safety products such as Motto Mortgage branded face masks. Our portal provides a completely smooth experience for franchisees to order their desired product. We are currently catering to over 125 franchises of Motto Mortgage in more than 30 states across the United States. What differentiates us from others is that we provide all the solutions through one integrated platform that other vendors provide individually. BlinkSwag’s portal guarantees satisfaction, affordable prices, high-quality products, on-time deliveries, and no minimum order requirements! If that’s not a catch, then what is?

What Does The Future Look Like For Motto Mortgage and BlinkSwag?

A year down the line, Motto Mortgage and BlinkSwag both maintain a healthy and valuable partnership. At BlinkSwag, we add multiple new products to our portal every month, based on the needs and the feedback of Motto Mortgage. We appreciate and truly value the relationship that we have with Motto Mortgage and its franchisees. We are dedicated to providing the best promotional marketing services in the industry.

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