There’s No Such Thing as too much Storage,
same goes for Giveaways

With over 50,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S, the self-storage managers have it hard. Marketing is the bane of their
existence. How exactly do you turn a self-storage facility into something that pops? First, understand your customers and
prospects, then work on fun and memorable self-storage promotional products.

Giveaways for Referrals

Use self-storage promotional products as your way to get referrals. Give your customers a funky littlegift or something tech-savvy to get them talking about your self-storage facility. Even a personalizedgift card for your facility will take you a long way with referrals.

Generates Repeat Business

Blow your customers away with your service. Keep your customers coming back to you.Once they move out, keep in touch with them. Send them a postcard or a gift regularly.Something that will remind them of your storage facility.

Happy Employees

In self-storage facilities, it takes the bare minimum to give a great experience. If your managers understand that, they have that service mentality. They enjoy people! Give your managers the tools to deliver good service. Provide them with customized self-storage promotional products.

A Consistent Brand…
From Promotional Products to
Branded Portals

Other than innovative and unique self-storage promotional products,
we offer branded portals for your storage facility. Customize your own
website that’s focused on your company’s branded items by partnering
with Blink Swag. Let your employees purchase their favorite branded
items, incentivize top performers with branded apparel and more that
gets your agency recognized with Blink Swag’s platform.

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