Using Eco-Friendly Products for Brand Promotion

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The Green Peace movement is here to stay. It’s supporters want companies to use sustainable practices and materials. So, in this article, we share a comprehensive list of eco-friendly products for brand promotion.

Let’s start with the basics.

Most of us have an idea about the term, sustainability, but what does sustainable really mean?

What Does it Mean if Something is Sustainable?

In environmental science, a sustainable product does not harm the environment or deplete natural resources. This, in turn, supports long-term ecological balance.

Sustainable products provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Hence, they do not compromise public health – from extracting raw materials to disposing of them.

These eco-friendly products are made from all-natural materials and produce less waste. Therefore, the best thing is, you can promote your business with them.

How Eco-Friendly Products are better for Your Marketing

It’s simple, more people prefer using eco-friendly products. So, why not demonstrate your brand’s value with them? With your company logo branded on green products, you can attract a lot more attention compared to products that are not ecological.

In a way it’s free promotion; people admire companies that promote eco-friendly practices.

Here’s a quick list of eco-friendly promotional products:

1. Stone Paper Notebook

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These notebooks are made of calcium carbonate powder, 100% tree-free, anti-static and acid-free. Put your message on them, we can also add a paper barrel ballpoint pen.

2. Reusable Metal Or Bamboo Straw

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It might seem odd that such a small item, like a plastic straw, constitutes about 4 percent of plastic trash. A couple of eco-friendly solutions are reusable metal and bamboo straws. Imagine your logo on one of these straws!

3. Recyclable Water Bottle

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Water bottles are tried and tested promotional items. And when they are eco-friendly you can bet that they’ll create positive brand awareness. With such functional promotional items, you can expect great ROI. Order transparent or choose from different colors. They come with a convenient snap-on cap.

4. Flying Disks Or Frisbees

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Have your flyers printed on recyclable flying disks, and have fun throwing them around at parties.  These frisbees use biocomposite material that makes them 100% biodegradable. So, you can give them away to promote physical activity and environmentally responsible actions.

5. Lunch Container

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Carrying lunch to school or office in a single-use plastic bag is bad for the environment. We can make eco-friendly lunch boxes with compartments in them. We’ll put your logo on the box, so every time it is used, consumers and clients will be reminded of your message.

6. Journal Notebook Made Of Apple Peels

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Journal’s made from apple pulp and other vegetable peels are great for the environment. They are animal-friendly and harmless to the planet. Also, they’re available in different colors or order journals with a natural look.

7. Pocket Coolies

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Pocket Coolies are useful for picnics and parties. Get them in eco-friendly material, and print your logo on them. They’re made of insulating material, which keeps the beverage cold (or hot) and prevents condensation. Moreover, they’re lightweight, which makes them easy to send by mail. The coolies we offer are collapsible and contain 85% post-consumer content.

8. Adhesive Cube

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This functional promo item is eye-catching and eco-friendly. The notes are made from post-consumer recycled fiber. With six sides advertising your brand, place them all around your office. Create a memorable piece that will rock any front desk.

9. Jute Or Cotton Tote

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Reusable shopping bags are in demand, and their popularity is surging. Give reusable jute and cotton totes, and your customers go around town, in and out of shopping malls, schools, and grocery stores, promoting your brand wherever they go. So, there is definitely plenty of room on a tote to print your logo.

10.   Brushed Twill Cap

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At a glance, you won’t believe that these caps are made from recycled plastic bottles. When you meet someone wearing a cap, the message or brand on the cap is hard to miss. The caps can be embroidered, and are available in a variety of colors. Also, the cap is made of recycled material, but its impression stays for a long time.

The list of eco-friendly promotional items is long. There are shirts, caps, pens, kitchen utensils, bamboo power banks, leather charging cables, recycled messenger bags and mouse pads, recycled stylus and so on.

Additionally, there are eco calendars, eco desk items, and wood games, as well as home items such as cork, cutting boards, seeded paper, utensils, napkins, etc.

So, make the right choice and call us today for your Eco-friendly Swag!


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