Trade Shows and the Value of Promotional Products

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Promotional products at trade shows are a game changer for every business. But with so many businesses and trade shows, how does your business stand out? All these rapid increases need a business plan for giving out promotional products. Let’s talk about getting the right value on trade shows, promotional products, and attendees to market your business.

Choosing the Right Trade shows

Choosing the right trade show has a lot to do with your business’s outreach needs. You can discuss a business plan with your business analyst to choose the perfect trade show for you. There can be a variety of “if-then” options.

If you are starting your business, then it’s better to stay local.

If you are starting your business and have an ample amount of resources to deal with expansive demands, an out-of-state trade show is a good opportunity to get out there.

If you’re expanding business then you should prioritize state trade shows for brand awareness.

All in all, it’s best if you discuss brand awareness or expansion ideas with your business analyst. This way you can invest your time, resources and energy in a business trade show efficiently.

Placing Value on Promotional Products

For starters, choose promotional products that you’ll want to use yourself. When you do that, attendees at trade shows will find your booth appealing. Some of the most well-liked promotional products at trade shows are:

Tech items (memory sticks and power banks)

Apparel (athleisure, fanny packs, gym bags)

Everyday items (reusable water bottles, stress relievers, coffee mugs)

Edibles (baked goods, mints, refreshments)

After you’ve decided on the type of trade show to visit, it becomes easier to place value on promotional products.

Selective Giveaways

After coming to a decision about the trade show to attend and the promotional products to give away, it’s time to focus on the actual thing. The goal is to raise brand awareness and invite potential clients to your booth. This selective giveaway creates value for your business and leaves an impact that lasts for a long time.

Keep a selective guide to give away promotional products. You can base this on the type of attendees you’ve talked to, pitched your business to, met with on first name basis. Remember that each person who stops at your exhibit display may be a potential buyer.


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