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COVID-19 has forced businesses to figure out new ways to serve their customers. Thankfully the scientific researchers suggest that COVID-19 cannot spread through food and chances of exposure through food items are very minimal. However, restaurants and food businesses still need to do a lot to ensure that their facility has controlled measures in place to protect their employees and customers. Despite the ease in lock-down, many restaurants are only continuing with pick-up and delivery as dine-in service poses an increased threat to COVID-19 infection.

Government and Health agencies have rolled out a set of guidelines for restaurants providing takeaway and curbside pickups. These guidelines must be followed to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Here are some of the important guidelines:

  • Restaurants should refrain from taking orders at the premises. You can communicate this to your customers through social media, signage, or other popular means.
  • Encourage customers to place orders online or by telephone.
  • Request customers to arrive at the exact time and also design your pickup system in a way that there are minimal customers on the premises at the given time.
  • If a customer arrives without placing orders in advance, request them to leave and place the order online and then return on the designated time for collection.
  • Avoid cash handling and encourage your customers to pay online or use credit or debit cards.
  • Ensure maximum physical distancing inside the premises. Customers should enter one at a time and use floor markings to maintain two meters of separation.
  • Request that customers stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms.

Drive-Thru Shield Sneeze Guards

Since the virus is airborne, the business must take steps to minimize the flow of respiratory droplets between employees and customers. The virus can easily enter the body if a person comes in contact with droplets produced by an infected person’s coughing and sneezing.
The restaurant staff and operators on the drive-thru delivery counters are extremely vulnerable to exposure as they get in close proximity to hundreds of people on a daily basis. The best way to protect your staff is by installing drive-thru sneeze guards. These transparent plastic sheets act as protective barriers and minimize the flow of respiratory droplets between customers and employees. A good thing about these barrier shields is that it discourages staff to lean down and come in physical contact with customers.
You can get customized sneeze guards to meet your exact needs. The installation is pretty easy and they can easily be removed, cleaned, and sanitized.

Protective Gear and Plexiglass Acrylic Sneeze Guards by Blink Brands

Blink Signs is manufacturing and supplying Protective Gear, Barrier Shields, and Plexiglass Acrylic Drive-Thru Sneeze Guards all around the USA and Canada. Protect your employees and customers with our high-quality protective gear that meets all the standards set by health agencies.
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