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The year 2020 was one of the toughest years for everyone around the globe. It impacted people both financially and emotionally. The work from home concept became the norm as all of the employers and employees went into lockdown to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. The strong financial impact forced employers to cut their budget to survive the current financial year. As offices went empty, so did the perks. There are no free coffees, no Friday lunches, and no swag items for employees. However, employee retention and encouragement still remain one of the main business concerns.

As the world has overcome the first deadly phase of the pandemic and started to recover, the market graph has started the upward lift and new jobs have again started opening in the market. Since employees are working from home for the past 9 months now, employee retention and satisfaction has become more important to boost employee morale and performance.

2020 has reached its end while bringing in a bright new tomorrow for us. As a new year resolution employers should think of ways that can encourage their employees and boost their performance. Choosing custom swag items for employees that can help them resonate with the company while away at home is worthwhile. Without a physical connection, employees can feel left out, but personalized swag products can help employees connect with the business and feel empowered.

Below we have some of the most effective swag products that employers can select and deliver to employees to make them feel valued. The trick is finding products that people love and actually want to keep.

Workstation Swag Items

Keeping workstation organized at home is very difficult, as every one of us would make a mess out of it when no one is watching. However, arming your employees with custom-designed workstation items like notepads, pens, pencils, erasers, stapler, file organizer, pen holder, etc. would help them in managing things efficiently. It will also help them to have tangible workplace accessories to connect with.  

Laptop Accessories

Sometimes the only difference between sanity and mental breakdown can be a simple cable organizer or a comfy mouse pad. Getting accidentally tripped over the laptop charger and knocking the .laptop on the floor. Or getting mouse stuck over and over again due to rough surface. A nice custom-designed cable organizer and mouse pad can save the day and help your employees to focus on the work that matters most.

Swag Headphones

The same thing can be said for headphones. Getting your employees equipped with custom swag headphones that serve your company’s particular purpose can be the best thing for them. Everyone can relate to this when we say that we know how constantly wearing headphones can hurt and itch your ears. Get custom headphones for your employees now.

Swag LED Selfie Light Ring

Since work from home is different for everyone, having sufficient light in video calls is very important. Enabling your employees with personalized swag LED Selfie Light Ring will help them have crisp and bright laptop video calls.

Pop Socket

Well, the pop socket is new in the mobile market and is nothing related to work, but with personal usage. The pop socket as its name suggests pops out and enables very easy handling of mobile phones. Getting pop sockets custom printed with branding will help your employees to feel loved and connected with the company.

Wellness & Fitness Swag

Work from home can become lethargic as there is no activity involved in the morning from bed to office table. Helping your employees to have a healthy lifestyle will give you more energetic people at work. A custom printed yoga mat and resistance bands are all a person needs to train at home. Keep focused on your employees’ wellness and fitness to have better performances at the end of the quarters.

Facemasks & Hand Sanitizers

Facemasks and hand sanitizers are now available everywhere. But having personalized face masks will allow your employees to work with confidence and flaunt your brand publicly. Besides, facemasks and hand sanitizers have become the most indispensable thing in 2020 and that won’t end in 2021.

Custom Apparel

Custom printed branded clothing items have never gone out of style and always prove to be the most loved item among employees. Custom-designed T-shirts, Hoodies, caps, etc. can be given to employees as well as customers to make them feel connected and enforce branding. Among other swag products, custom apparel is the most prized possession and is flaunted everywhere possible.

Swag Drinkware

When busy at work, a custom swag cup with insulation can help keep coffee hot. Employers can opt for various types of drinkware like water bottles, thermal cups, mugs, and tumblers. Drinkware remains in use until it’s too old or broken. Employers can also count swag tumblers in the list of most loved items.

A bright future is in front of us bringing in lots of opportunities. Businesses should prepare their employees for the challenges of 2021 and arm them with high morales and the will to do more and win financial freedom. 

Blinkswag prides itself in providing branded swag items that are of utmost premium materials. Contact us today to get your swag promotional items designed.

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