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How to Order Promotional Products – Important Things to Consider

Successful business owners and marketing experts unanimously agree to the fact that promotional products should be an essential part of a businesses’ overall marketing strategy. Studies reveal that promotional merchandising is amongst the most effective marketing tool that helps businesses retain customers, reach new prospects and boost overall revenues.

That being said, marketing via promotional items may require substantial investment. Moreover, a promotional product is representative of a brand’s identity and is often referred to as a brand ambassador. While beautifully designed and thoughtfully chosen promotional products can do wonders for you, a poorly designed promotional item may put off the viewers, doing more harm than good for your business.

At BlinSwag, we help companies find the right promotional products that work best for them. In this article, we are listing down some important things to consider when ordering promotional products.

Choose the Right Products

There are different types of promotional products used by different brands that include clothing wear, drinkware, gadgets, pens, notepad and etc. Find the products you need to drive the results that you want. When choosing promotional products, you need to consider a number of factors such as relevance, demographics, budget, and most importantly, the value it brings for users.


Make a Design Wish List:

While there are a lot of variables that contribute to the overall success of a swag product, Visual cues and graphics are the most important & determinant factor in promotional product advertising.

It is wise to do a lot of research and then create a detailed list that includes key elements you want in your design such as color scheme, the text font, the logo, and other important details. It is a good idea to check out your competitors to see what’s trending and find inspiration. 

Carefully Pick the Vendors

With so many promotional product vendors around, marketers often find themselves at a crossroads when deciding which particular vendor to go with. A vendor with an excellent website for themselves is obviously more reliable as it depicts their sense for good design. Portfolios are a great way for companies to demonstrate their competencies and showcase their work to prospective customers.

Create a Proper Distribution Plan

One of the main reasons why some brands fail to fully capitalize the power of promotional product marketing is the lack of distribution strategy. A creative and well-thought-out distribution strategy will not only multiply the level of awareness but will also significantly impact the ROI. 

To get your message across with promotional products and increase their effectiveness, here are some creative distribution ideas that you can consider

  • Give them away at local events

  • Social Media Contests and Giveaways

  • Give them away at tradeshows and exhibitions

  • Include them with a certain product purchase

Consult the Experts:

Experts at professional gifting companies such as BlinkSwag know which promotional products are effective in bringing the maximum ROI. We provide lots and lots of amazing swag options to startups and companies. If you have any queries, just drop us a line and our Swag Experts will get back to you.

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