It’s about Brand Promotion! Let’s Talk Logos!

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Why is a logo so important for your brand promotion? A well-designed logo is the foundation of any successful brand. When you’re building a brand, a small voice at the back of your brain might be going: “I don’t really need a logo, do I?” Take our advice and don’t listen to this advice, it couldn’t be more wrong. Branding is all about storytelling and a good logo presents itself as a visual for that story.

Logos are everywhere we look. Even now, while reading this blog, just look around and you will find at least 10 logos. Logos really do make an impact on our decision-making process. So, to effectively use logos, businesses need to understand their purpose before working on brand promotion.

Why is a Logo Important for Your Brand?

When a brand’s name comes across, you immediately picture their logo. It can be those famous golden arches of our favorite fast food company or that slightly eaten apple logo. You’ll definitely picture it whenever you hear the name. Also, when you see a logo, like McDonald’s and Apple, you’ll go down memory lane to the instances where you had interactions with these brands.

Our mind creates a small library of visuals that we associate with one thing or the other. Whether we like a logo or not, we make quick judgments about the brand itself based on its logo. Your logo is something that sets expectations and helps attract the customers. If the logo gives a wrong message, you’ll attract an unwanted audience, which will lead to a waste of time and efforts.

For a better experience, design elements like shape, colors, and typography turn your logo into a great marketing tool. A strategic logo with all the design elements is a great asset for businesses that people trust and look out for.

What makes a logo “good?”

Decent Design:

Clean and simple designs have a way of grabbing attention. A logo that is simple and resonates with your brand is the best option. But simple doesn’t always mean something mediocre, it can be unique as well. A clearly structured logo will have you stand out among your competition.


Colors help the viewer perceive the brand. Here are some colors and their associations that will help you in your color picking:

Red: energetic, sexy, bold

Orange: creative, friendly, youthful

Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism

Green: growth, organic, instructional

Blue: professional, medical, trustworthy

Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative

Black: credible and powerful

White: simple, clean, pure

Pink: fun and flirty

Brown: rural, historical, steady

Visual Specification:

Symbolism is necessary to make an impact. Using visual in a logo is a calculated risk that can leave a great impression on the viewer.


Keep your logo consistent with your brand’s message and personality. A logo that shows relevancy leaves a better impression on the target audience than something that is not even slightly related to your brand.

Content Is Crucial:

You can’t fit in the entire story of your brand in a logo. A logo is a medium that makes an impact and tells a short story that leaves the viewer wanting to learn more about your brand. So, you need to make sure that you create a logo that influences your backstory. Keep it short, sweet and simple enough to get the message across.

Significance Of Typography:

Selecting the right typeface for your logo is essential to create a visual personality. Cursive writing may seem elegant, but it won’t leave a legible message for your audience to discern.

The Importance Of Words:

Majority of the brands are moving towards creating a visual impact with words. So, a more grounded name will help create better visuals in the mind of your audience. For example, if you see that big, yellow “M”, you’ll immediately associate it with McDonald’s, the letters and words simply will create the image of your brand.

Successful brand promotion is about telling a story that influences the emotions of your target audience. Though a logo is only a part of your brand, it sets the entire atmosphere around your brand. Once your logo is set, it’s time to do some real branding, and promotional products are one way to get your branding on track. Using promotional products is one of the best marketing tactics, for both customers and marketers. There is so much one can do with promotional products. Give a gift or two, and you have your customers coming back for more business and spreading word-of-mouth. Your swag can be anything from pens to umbrellas and bottles to tech-savvy gifts. Marketers just love working out something creative to retain their customers. Other than these usual products, they go for unconventional gifts that make a better impact.

Blink Swag works with your brand’s name and logo to create an amazing brand promotion experience. Get in touch with Blink Swag to figure out the perfect way to brand your business using promotional products.


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