Foolproof Rebranding Ideas with Promotional Products

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Are you thinking of re-branding your business?

Change is usually a good idea.

Companies re-brand for different reasons: international growth, new management, a bad reputation or an outdated image. Whatever your reason is, Blink Swag has fabulous ideas and sensational promotional products for you.

But before we get into details let’s look at some mistakes that brands make when promoting their brand through giveaways. These are:

  1. The promotional product doesn’t relay the brand’s message. It’s just another promotional item with a logo.
  2. Your message has no connection with your brand.
  3. The product and message combined do not create a memorable experience.

How to Avoid these mistakes

One sure way to avoid these mistakes is to use Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle method. Without going into too much detail, just think about these when re-branding:

  1. Why – Why your business exists
  2. How – How your business fulfils its core beliefs
  3. What – What your company does to fulfil core beliefs

Once you’ve written down your thoughts, think about your re-branding campaign.

Don’t just go to a printing store and order 100 t-shirts with your new logo. Think about why, how and what of your business.

Work Wisely…

Think deep about the item you intend to use to promote your renewed brand. A connection between your brand and the promotional item goes a long way. For example, if you’re in the healthcare industry, handing out hospital pillows sounds more fitting than giving away key rings.

Also, when you combine your item and message, it should create a memorable experience for users.

Here are some highly successful ideas that companies have used in the past to promote their brand. Have a look at them to get some ideas for your re-branding campaign.

Some Successful Examples of Promotional Items

1. Iams Strong Dog Campaign

re-branding by BlinkSwag

Image credit: UK Corporate Gift

The pet food company Iams handed out barbell weight shaped frisbees at different parks. Their message was clear; if you feed your dogs Iam’s dog food, they’ll get stronger.

2. Volkswagen Dents Cars

Image credit: The German Car Blog

When Volkswagen was promoting its ‘Polo’ model car it made magnetic panels that looked like scratches and dents. And then it put these magnets on random cars, along with the message, “Volkswagen Polo, small but strong.”

According to reports over 2,000 people showed interest in buying the new VW model.

3. Save Memories With Alzheimers New Zealand

Image credit: The Inspiration Room

You can playoff your product in a fun yet engaging way. For example, Alzheimers New Zealand distributed working erasers that had been hollowed out and fitted with a USB drive. The company printed, “Alzheimer’s Erasers. Your Memories. Save Them.” on one side, and the company’s logo and website address on the other.

4. D. D. Drin Insect Elimination And Fake Cockroaches

Image credit: Hoaxes

D.D. Drin Insect Elimination made fake cockroaches and slipped them under the doors of unsuspecting residents. These plastic-roaches were imprinted with, “See how easy it is to get into your house?”

Very clever!

5. Brussels Airlines’ Warning About Pickpockets

Image credit: Adrants

Some marketing campaigns are borderline absurd. For instance, Brussels Airlines wanted to raise awareness about pickpocketing. So, they slid rubber hands into unattended passenger bags at airports. The message on these fake hands was, “This hand just slipped into your bag. Beware of Pickpockets.”

Yes, it was uncanny but it got the message across.

6. Colgate In Ice Cream Business?

Image credit: The Inspiration Room

This promotion above isn’t from an ice cream company, it’s from Colgate Palmolive, a toothpaste company. Colgate Palmolive in Thailand handed out ice cream during Oral Health Month, and their sticks were shaped like toothbrushes that read “Don’t Forget,” reminding people to brush their teeth after eating. With Colgate toothpaste, of course.

7. Y+ Yoga Center And Straws

Image credit: Toxel

The Y+ Yoga Center in Shanghai, China, stamped a woman on the bendable part of the straws. So every time the straw was bent it appeared as if the woman were striking a yoga pose. The yoga center handed out these straws to customers at different juice bars.

8. Vantage Detergent And Ketchup Stains

Image credit: PSFK

Vantage Detergent, from Brazil, distributed packets of its stain remover. These small packs were shaped like a ketchup stain and bore the message, “Stains. Hard to avoid, easy to remove. Vantage stain remover.” It was a remarkably successful campaign.

All these promotional campaigns were exceptionally creative. Some foolproof ways to promote your renewed brand are:


Image Credit: Shutter Stock

These might seem ordinary and overused but they deliver. They are cheap and you can hand them out to anyone, anywhere. Note that if you plan to promote your rebranding in hospitals, make sure you hand out pens with black ink (In many cases, it is mandatory for hospital personnel to record in black ink.)

Why are pens great for promotion?

Well, if you hand out pens to someone it would be easier for you, as a business, to talk to them later on. Imagine pitching them your product or service while they are clicking your pen in their hand.


Image Credit: Shutter Stock

Clipboards are excellent promotional items. They’re foolproof because they always come in handy. You can clip papers in them or just use them as a hard and smooth surface. But make sure that your company logo appears on the backside of clipboards, if not on both sides. So, when someone carries them around, your brand name is visible to everyone.

Ice Scraper

Image Credit: Shutter Stock

An ice scraper is a functional promotional item.

Why is it foolproof?

Let’s compare it with a promotional t-shirt. No one would want to go out to dinner with friends wearing a t-shirt that bears a company logo. But if they are scraping snow, they won’t mind if an ice scraper has your logo on it. Even their neighbors and friends won’t mind when they borrow it to scrape snow off their cars.

What if it doesn’t snow in my region?

If you’re located in southern areas such as Texas or California where it hardly ever snows, you could hand out sunshades for car windshields. Your sunshade will protect their car, and they won’t mind if it has your brand message on it.

Image Credit: Shutter Stock

Similarly, you can hand out umbrellas. Generally, people don’t care if their umbrella has a logo on it when it pours. They just want to get covered, so why not under your new and improved brand?

Color Changing Cups to Showcase Your Re-brand

Image credit: Amazon

Color changing cups work when you pour liquid in them. You might want to show the transition from your old brand to the new brand with these fancy cups. When someone pours a liquid into it, your old logo is replaced with the new one.

Let’s summarize. To promote your re-branding idea, think about why your business exists, and then build on that thought. Get inspiration from successful promotional product campaigns. You can use someone else’s idea but truly make it yours. Think deep about your brand’s message and how to connect it with the audience. If you are creative enough you can find success even with pens and cups.

Now, take a pen and paper, and start writing some re-branding ideas.


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