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The Pet industry is booming in the United States. As per the finding of Statista (a leading market research firm), almost 67% of American households own one or more pets and the Pet expenditure industry is forecast to reach almost 110 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. 

Market researchers believe that the exponential growth in the pet industry is linked to the changes in culture as the millennials and zoomers are redefining pet ownership trends. As these consumer groups are slowly reaching their peak earning capacity, the pet industry will gain more momentum which is a great opportunity for pet-loving entrepreneurs.

Make Pet People Happy With Promotional Products

If you are thinking of starting a business in the pet industry, there couldn’t be a more perfect time. However, the competition in the industry is also increasing and in order to stand out from the rest, you must go an extra mile to win over your customers. Popular brands across various industries use promotional products to reach more customers and establish their identity in the market. Thankfully, promotional products are not just for people, they are for pets too.

At BlinkSwag, we help brands find the right promotional products for their business. Not many people know this we are huge pet lovers too. In this article we are listing down some of the best promotional products for pert care businesses.

Pet bowls

Pet bowl is a critical product for pet owners as their pet will be drinking and eating from it for a long time period. Pet bowls come in different materials such as plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. You can pick the one as per your budget. They are a great marketing tool to promote your pet business as the pet owner will visit them at least twice a day when they dish out food or refill water. On top of that, these dishes are clearly visible and with your logo and company’s name on it, you will stay on top of the mind of the owner.

Pet Toys

Promotional pet toys are a fun and instant way to ramp up your pet business marketing and reach new customers in a clever way. You can get customized pet toys that can include balls, flying discs and more. Place your logo and name on the surface to get your name out there.

Pet Beds

Pets need rest and sleep just like us. Pet beds not help them enjoy their downtime to the fullest but also provide them a safe and comfortable place to cuddle up on. Majority of the pet owners invest in pet beds. The best thing about pet beds is that provide a lot of creative space which you can use to place your logo, your company name and your slogan.


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