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The global regulatory bodies are constantly urging businesses to go green and the movement will gain more momentum in the coming years.

Promoting your brand is all about generating positive public relations in your community, industry, and customer base. Lately, we have seen large corporations taking “green” initiatives as there has been a great deal of pressure on companies to pledge to sustainability and prove their environmental friendliness in more practical ways.

The green movement is on the rise more than ever. And marketers, make no mistake: the green movement is here to stay. The global regulatory bodies are constantly urging businesses to go green and the movement will gain more momentum in the coming years. Sustainability is becoming more important in consumer choices overall as the GEN Z shoppers are more willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. This clearly indicates the level of concern the younger generation has for the environment (kudos kids, more power to you).

Marketing with eco-friendly promotional items is a responsible way of engaging with customers and followers. They represent an environmental and ethical conscience that should influence your responsible values. At BlinkSwag, we have also committed to sustainability and provide eco-friendly solutions to our clients.

Here are the top 10 eco-friendly promotional items that are trending these days.

1.   Tote Bags

Tote bags make an excellent eco-friendly promotional item. The cost per impression is ridiculously low as the receiver will be taking it to grocery stores and running errands. Since Gen Z will soon emerge as your largest target market, tote bags are an effective means to engage with them, as they’ll find it easy to carry their books and small laptops in tote bags.

2.   Backpacks

Considering their longevity, backpacks are another popular choice for eco-friendly promotional items. A good quality backpack, such as the ones provided by us at BlinkSwag (humble brag) can easily last 10 years. Backpacks offer large branding areas to convey your brand message and are also extremely popular among Gen Z.

3.   Eco-Friendly Clothing Wear:

Clothing items made from natural or recycled materials that are biodegradable have experienced a surge in demand. Giving them away as freebees can help your brand stand out. Apart from being environmentally friendly, clothing wear offers a spacious printing area that brands can leverage for marketing or advertising. BlinkSwag offers eco-friendly promotional clothing ranging from T-shirts to hoodies to footwear.


4.   Reusable Water Bottles/Drinkware

If you are looking for eco-friendly promotional items on a budget, reusable water bottles make an ideal choice. They can last for years and in terms of cost per impression, they are considered one of the cheapest promotional items.

5.   Promotional Speakers/Custom Power Banks/USB

Electronic products such as speakers and power banks are fan-favorite promotional items. Fans love receiving electronic swag from brands and have a longer life span and do not pose a direct threat to the environment.  Compared to other promotional items, they offer better recognition and they are now available in various shapes and colors. Speakers and power banks offer a great branding area to print your logo, your company’s slogan, or your products on it. 

Consult the Experts

Experts at professional gifting companies such as BlinkSwag know what type of gifts are best suited for real estate clients. These were just a few of many items that we think would be great for realtors but the list does not end here. Do you want more suggestions or have any questions? Just drop us a line and our Swag Experts will get to you.


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