Corporate Offices | How to Reduce Coronavirus Transmission in Workplaces

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As the United States government is slowly lifting lock-down restrictions and easing stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures, corporate employees are also returning to their offices. While it’s a good sign that life is returning to normal, it’s important for businesses and the corporate sector to implement new strategies to ensure a safe return to work.

As per health agencies, the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces for a long time which means that offices must take cautious steps towards reopening. Sanitization plans and physical distancing will play an important role in COVID-19 reopening workplace strategies. OSHA and other prominent health agencies are closely working with governments to create SOPs for corporate offices. The corporate sector will be required to follow these SOPs and non-compliance may result in legal implications.
Businesses must take responsible measures and follow these SOPs and the latest recommendations and health guidelines for reopening their offices. Here is a brief outline of some of the important safety measures that the office should implement.

Screen Visitors to Workplace

It is the duty of employers to protect visitors and staff members from workplace hazards. Fever is the primary symptom and employers should consider installing fever scanners at the entrances and anyone experiencing fever must not be allowed to enter the office premises and asked to stay home to prevent spreading germs in the office.
Employers must pay special attention to the health and wellbeing of their essential staff. This includes drivers, mail persons, guards, and those workers who are exposed to most of the employees.

Minimize Physical Contact

Employers must take the necessary steps to minimize physical contact between employees. Corporate offices must consider installing sneeze guards for work station portions or provide an isolated working environment within the office. It must be mandatory for employees to wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth. Employees with underlying health conditions should be provided with PPE.
Employers must limit business travels and if it’s necessary, the incumbent must follow all CDC travel guidelines, including following proper self-isolation and quarantine procedures.

Premises Sanitization Plans

Corporate offices must put in-place proper sanitization plans. Hand sanitizing stations must be installed inside the premises.
While sanitizing the premises, pay close attention to frequently touched surfaces such as buttons, hand railings, office tables, chairs, and touchscreens, as they will also need to be disinfected.

Administrative Controls

In these difficult times, it’s important for employers and management to closely listen to the concerns of your employees. Be generous in giving paid leaves to staff members feeling unwell or showing any kind of symptoms.
Delivering the right information to your customers and staff is also a courteous and valuable service. Signage or banners can be used to communicate authentic information to employees and customers.

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